Please introduce yourself.

I am Mukkove Johnson. I live in Alaska with my husband and three children. We have a dog and a few laying hens. I enjoy putting my thoughts on paper, or computer. I also enjoy creating, in most any form. I enjoy homeschooling to disciple my children in the Lord.

How long have you been writing?

Writing for me began with the sixth grade newspaper. I continued with newsletters and yearbooks all through high school. I’ve kept journals through the years as well.

Tell us about your first published book.

Christmas is About Jesus is a devotion for families to read together each day of December. I saw a disconnect when my children were very young between what I was telling them about celebrating Christmas and what they saw at the store, around town and in our culture. The devotions teach a way to think of Jesus when they see the cultural sights of Christmas. I have gotten wonderful feedback from many families. I made ornaments and coloring pages to match each devotion. My children are always anxious to have their turn to get out and hang up the ornaments. They really help me stay consistent.

There are many Christmas books, what makes yours different?

The feedback I have gotten says Christmas is About Jesus is different. I did not attempt to tell the Christmas story. There are many better story tellers who have done that already. I want to influence how my children think. By talking with them and teaching them they will not be as easily swayed by our commercial culture. Even a few minutes a day help in staying connected as a family. Each devotion has built in questions to help families start a conversation that can continue for years really.

 What are you currently working on?

My current project is Easter is About Jesus. It follows much the same format as Christmas is About Jesus. I have added activity ideas to each devotion. I am quite excited about the activities helping children connect with God in a personal way.

How is doing the second book different than the first?

The submission process was far easier. I have a working relationship with the publisher so they respond much more quickly than when I was completely unknown.  It’s still very exciting to hear that they like my work. I’m still very anxious to get a release date, even though we’re just getting started. Maybe I didn’t learn as much patience as I thought the first time around!

Also for the second book I know far more about the publishing process as well as marketing. I was very clueless about marketing when I did my first book, I’m sure I didn’t think I was, but I was. I still have much to learn, but at least now I know it. I also have many people who enjoyed my first work and I hope they will want more.


Happy, Happy Birthday!  Happy, Happy Birthday!

Christmas is About Jesus is 2! The party continues with interviews, gifts and articles @ Kove’s CoveElaine LittauLittle Life LessonsWorking Writers and BloggersEliza Earsman boooks, and Facebook

Gifts – What’s a birthday party without gifts! Here’s how to get yours:
For the printable coloring pages and ornaments to match the devotions email me @ with “gifts” in the subject line. I’ll get them to your inbox.

I’m giving away one Christmas is About Jesus gift set. Gift set includes 1 paperback, 1 matching journal, and 1 printed and strung set of ornaments. You can enter as many times as you like. Enter by commenting between October 17 and 20 on any of my co-hosts blogs for the birthday party: Elaine LittauLittle Life LessonsWorking Writers and Bloggers, and Eliza Earsman boooks. Leave a comment on this blog, Christmas is About Jesus or my website, Kove’s Cove. Like Mukkove Johnson – Christian Author on Facebook & Christmas is About Jesus on Facebook. And finally sign up for Encouragement from Kove’s Cove.

Many ways to enter. I hope you enjoy the party and take home something worth keeping as well!

Mukkove Johnson lives in Alaska with her high school sweetheart and their children. She enjoys learning new things, planning, creating and writing. Her first book Christmas is About Jesus: An Advent Devotional is available on her site, at Tate publishing, and most online retailers. Connect with Mukkove by visiting her website,, following her blogs, Kove’s Blog and Thoughts for Authors, or on Facebook.


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