Book Launch (Sept 1 – Sept 14)


Thank you for taking the time to look at my book and helping me share it’s message. My book Four Given has been a journey for me (see Interview with Malo Bel below) and filled with miracles (see Something Different below) and I pray it will touch many other people’s lives.

It is a journey, a pathway encoded in the very name of God that I was stunned to see. It begins with a single and smallest Hebrew letter Yod, which means the open hand. Anyone wanting to begin this journey must begin by opening their hand – by giving. It’s what Jesus did in the greatest way possible, by giving his life for us.

And so to be true to this divine journey I will be giving away 50% of all my book sales during the launch to a charity (Community Outreach Programme Trust) that works in Africa. They work with disadvantaged people and especially the disabled, children and orphans. I thank you for your help to help me help them.

Below are the details of the book and content (blogs, bio, blurbs etc) that you can use to help me with the launch.

By His Grace

Malo  13


Book Title: Four Given

Author: Malo Bel

Released: February 2013

Book Categories: FICTION/Christian/Mystery & RELIGION/Christian Life/Personal Growth

Book Blurb:

The mystery of Godliness and life eternal are hidden in the most sacred place of all, in the holy letters that define God. A mystery so divine, so life-changing, so real it is embedded in the essence of every human being. A mystery that charts a divine path to God, a journey that once undertaken will bring you to a place called Eternity.

Join me as I share my journey, as I am led by Him on His path. This is the mystery of Godliness and life eternal, and I never would have seen it had he not opened my eyes. Take the step of faith and your eyes will be opened to see “inexpressible things”. Take the step of faith and discover life eternal today. Take the step of faith and discover the beauty of this divine path hidden right before you. Take the step of faith and you will never be the same again. I did and that is why I must tell my story.


Excerpts, Blogs, Interview etc.

Blog Post for John316 Launch – General Version –

Blog Post for John316 Launch – Christian Version –

Brief Bio

Excerpt from Book # 1–

Excerpt from Book # 2–

Excerpt from Book # 3–

Excerpt from Book # 4–  

Selection of Reviews –

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Interview with Malo Bel- 

Twitter Tweets –

Something Different: Miracles of Writing –

Videos for Four Given

Video Channel –

Fun Launch Video (60 seconds) – 

Video Trailer (15 seconds) – The Mystery of Godliness – FourGivenTV – The Mystery of Godliness    

Video Trailer Short (1 minute) –

Video Trailer (5 minutes) –

Micro Message 1 – The Jesus Effect (15 seconds) –

Micro Message 2 – Cure for Worry (15 seconds) –

Micro Message 3 – 10 Life-Changing Words (15 seconds) –

Images/Profile Picture for Malo Bel & Four Given

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Book Cover 3D –

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Links to Purchase Four Given

Amazon ebook – (ASIN: B00BU3XV3O)

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